Candlestick Dashboard Indicator

With Candlestick Dashboard Indicator you just need a quick look on indicator dashboard, and you’ll instantly have all the information you need to make a good fx trading decision.

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Candlestick Dashboard Free Indicator spends just a few moments to find the best candle patterns and displays them all in the same table right below the chart. No need to run around a lot of charts with different time frames, you can scan just simply switch to the desired currency pair and the time frame in the table.

Many forex traders know the first role in technical analysis is for sure candlestick patterns. The so-called Price action trading system is mainly based on candlestick patterns. But to look for these candlestick patterns on the different chart and different time frames are a very tedious and time-consuming process.

With free Candlestick Dashboard Indicator, you have access over 30 candlestick patterns including reversal, continuation, trend patterns, single, double, triple candlestick patterns, and many others. All of this with all major currency pairs and on all time frames. Candlestick Dashboard Indicator will indicate by the expected price movement.

Forex Candlestick Dashboard Indicator Preview

With just one click at the dashboard, you will instantly gain access to all the information you need to make an amazing trading decision. The dashboard shows you which candlestick pattern appears on every time frame and on every currency pair (you can select each currency pairs you want to be listed). This indicator will help you to know the exact direction of the market. And help you to know exactly for how long ago that particular pattern showed up.

Forex Candlestick Dashboard Indicator Features:

  • Works with Meta Trader 4 only.
  • Detected candlestick patterns on one dashboard
  • Over 30 powerful candlestick patterns
  • The indicator works with all time-frames and currency pairs


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