To buy on our shop you will need Bitcoin (Crypto currency) if you don’t have any bitcoin we’ll show you how easy and fast it can be.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit/Debit Card or Paypal.


Coinbase is the world’s largest Bitcoin broker.

At Coinbase you can buy bitcoin instantly with a credit or debit card and Paypal in the:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia

Coinbase charges a flat fee on all purchases via credit or debit card, which is among the lowest for European and US customers.

  • A quick step-by-step guide on how to buy bitcoins with credit card on Coinbase:
  • Create account. Open your account on Coinbase.
  • Connect credit card. Add your credit card to your Coinbase profile
  • Verify ID. Verify your ID with Coinbase.
  • Buy bitcoins! Buy bitcoins using your credit card.

Want to buy on Coinbase? This guide will show you step-by-step in more detail how to use Coinbase to purchase your bitcoins.

So less start and Buy Bitcoin in Less than 5 Minutes

Web site:

1. Create an Account on Coinbase
Once you create an account, confirm your personal details and login. You may be asked to upload a scan of ID. Once you’ve logged in, continue to the next step.

2. Navigate to account settings
Navigate to the top right corner and click on your name. There should be a drop-down menu where you can click “Settings”. Then click “Payment Methods” on the menu at the top and you should see something that looks like this:

Click on “Add Payment Method” in the right corner.

3. Click “Credit/Debit Card”

4. Enter your Credit/Debit Card Information
Note that Coinbase only accepts Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards at this time.

5. Confirmation
You should see a confirmation like the one below. If so, your credit/debit card has been successfully added!

6. Buy Bitcoins!
Go to the buy page and you should see a widget that looks like the image below:

Enter the amount you want to buy, and click “Buy Bitcoin Instantly”. Your coins will then be delivered to your Coinbase wallet!